How to prevent a hangover what to do before, during and after drinking

It’s a feeling many people know too well – waking up feeling the dryness of your mouth, hoping you left yourself a glass of water by the bed.

Your head aches and you feel sick with the flashbacks from everything you drank last night as well as the dodgy dance moves you were performing on the table.

One quiet drink turned to three and before you knew it you were stumbling home with a kebab in your hand at 3am.

Whether you regret it or not, hangovers are sometimes the inevitable aftermath of having a good, boozy night out.

Hangovers can be tough. They can take away your day and leave you feeling miserable, with a headache that just won’t seem to budge.

So if you’re heading for a night out soon or want some tips on how to avoid that painful hangover, we’ve put together the ways to swerve the slump.

  1. Exercise

If you know you’re drinking in the evening make sure you get a workout in before heading out and drinking.

This will help you blow off some steam and release any stresses so you don’t overdo it during the evening, leading to a more controlled evening.

  1. Line your stomach

A well-known saying, but one that doesn’t lose its importance the more you say it, is that lining your stomach with a heavy but decent meal, full of protein, veg and carbs is the best way to prepare your body for drinks.

Drinking on an empty stomach allows the alcohol to absorb into your bloodstream quicker, meaning you’ll get drunk quicker and feel a lot worse the next day.

  1. Drink water

Water may be the last thing on your mind during an evening of drinks, but drinking water in-between drinks helps you to stay hydrated.

By doing this also helps to space out your drinks giving your body a chance to process them, resulting in a fresher feeling the next day.

  1. Avoid mixing drinks

It’s easy to get carried away on an evening especially if someone is ordering shots but you started on the wine.

Try your best not to mix your alcoholic drinks, if you started on beer try to stick to it through the night, the same with wine or if you opted for cocktails.

  1. Avoid the shots

The higher percentage of alcohol the higher increase of a tough hangover the next day. Avoid those shots that are a high percentage of alcohol.

Instead order cocktails or even a mixer with your prepared shot, this will dilute the alcohol and you’ll be thanking yourself the next day.

  1. Stick to clear alcohol

Clear alcohol such as vodka and gin have fewer congeners which are certain compounds associated with hangovers.

These are better than drinking dark drinks such as whiskey or rum, it may not stop a hangover if you’re drinking them all night.

  1. Drink water before bed

Before heading to bed be sure to drink a glass of water. This will help dehydrate your body, putting the good liquid back in your body.

A glass or two is a recommended amount to drink before going to bed and be sure to take a glass with you ready for the morning or if you wake up in the night.

  1. Wear an eye mask

Sleeping after a heavy night of drinking can cause a disrupted sleep. Wearing an eye mask to bed can help ensure you won’t be woken up at silly o’clock by the sun beaming through your curtains.

This will also help to minimise your sleep environment so you are not woken up by unnecessary light as you’re trying to sleep off the booze.