Teen dinosaur narrative game Goodbye Volcano High has a release window

Goodbye Volcano High, the indie narrative game from studio KO_OP, is set for release next summer.

The game focuses on a group of high school dinosaurs, who are also budding musicians, nearing the end of their senior year.

Its story promises themes of personal growth, acceptance, and the power of community.

The trailer features one of the game’s original songs, Don’t Call featuring Brigitte Nagger, as performed by the in-game band Worm Drama. It’s worth watching for the song alone, a catchy dream pop track that’s fitting of the game’s queer narrative.

The game was first announced in June 2020 as part of Sony’s PlayStation 5 event, but was subsequently delayed in August 2021 due to a narrative reboot and challenges of working remotely during the pandemic.

Now it will debut in summer 2023 across PlayStation consoles and Steam.

“We care about this game and the story we’re telling so much and want to deliver something that is in line with what we’ve always envisioned. It’s what you deserve!” said the KO_OP team.

“We understand this delay might be disappointing, but we are confident this is the right decision and that it will be worth the wait.”

In the meantime, I’d recommend checking out We Are OFK for a similarly LGBT+ narrative with great music.